The Most Fashionable and Unique Mascot Costumes

It’s very hard to be a mascot especially when it comes to entertain a crowd. Everybody have their different stories for how they end up dressed like elephant or a tree. Hard but definitely fun mascot costumes offer you different styles and characters. From 80 dollars to 55000 dollars, it’s your choice. There are even corporations that can help you design your own costume with pricing range between 2500 to 7500 dollars.

Now I will show you some of the most fashionable and unique mascot costumes.

Definitely on the best option for mascot costume is the Minion. Too big but sweet i hope that you can find from where to breath.

minion mascot costume

Phillie Phanatic

Phillie Phanatic mascot costume

Something weird but definitely fun and different for Philadelphia mascots, this costume have a tongue that it’s always sticking out and a cylinder for nose.

Super Frog

Super Frog mascot costume

Based on the fact that is the official state reptile of Texas, the Christian University has been using the Super Frog as their mascot. I don’t know is this look like a frog. Saints Mudonna Fun and too pink i think this costume have a unique design especially when it comes to face.

Kitty Mascot

Kitty mascot costume

What is more sweet that Kitty dressed with fashionable dress.

Sonic Costume

Sonic mascot costume

You don’t forget Sonic wright! Not so unique as same of the others but definitely one of the best.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Mascot costume

They will never grow old. Everybody remember them.

Dan’t think that wearing mascot costume is very easy. There is no one who will clean the costume for you. And you should definitely practice physical sports before you start as a mascot to make sure that you are enough healthy to handle the performance.