Recall of two kids toys

The first reminder is that of a game called Spaghetti Disaster of the brand Out of the Blue KG and the second point finger HEMA train circuit, which also published a warning on its site.

Spaghetti Disaster Toy

Spaghetti Disaster is a toy that takes the form of a plate with spaghetti, reference 12/0978 and bar code 4029811191154. This product is recalled by the brand Out of the blue KG because of toy parts that look like to real food and are therefore confusing. To prevent the child from ingesting any of the pieces, the brand recommends that you no longer use this toy for kids and bring it back to the store for a refund.

Toy Kids Train

Hema train circuits

The Hema brand train circuits, whose reference is 15.12.2235, are also subject to a recall due to the risk of suffocation. Indeed, a piece of this circuit, the red pointed roof of the church steeple, can be swallowed by the child. It is recommended that parents put this game out of reach of their child under 3 years old. To be refunded, you can return the toy to a Hema store, even if you no longer have the receipt or the original packaging.

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